Big Bang CrossFit believes in non-deceptive pricing and terms. This is an all inclusive membership with no strings attached.

  • You can come any day, at any time we offer class.

  • There is no contract to sign. Month to month basis.

  • You can freeze your account for 30 day periods for valid reasons (vacation, work travel, injury, newborn, etc.). If you freeze longer, you will no longer be eligible to get the rate you started at if prices go up.

  • There is no sales pitch. Come check us out without worrying about having to sit down in an office and listen to a pitch. There is no pressure to join.

  • Membership rate is for the life of your membership. When the prices go up, you are locked in at the rate you started.

  • 2 weeks notice of freeze or termination of membership required.

DROP IN: 24 Hour notice required. send request to No drop ins will be accepted without notification... no exemptions.


Active Duty Law Enforcement Officers, Military, Firefighters, full time Teachers and full time students contribute to society on a daily basis and deserve to be rewarded. Prove to us your status as one of these and qualify for a discounted rate. It carries all the same benefits listed above. This fee is valid with current pricing and will adjust accordingly when prices go up. Once you're in at this rate, you're locked in for the life of the membership.

Start enjoying the way you feel and!!!

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