By Noemi Caraveo

Have you ever felt that your lack of flexibility is hindering your performance? Do you feel
resistance in your shoulders or hips when performing an overhead squat? If so, you may want
to consider adding some stretches to your cash out.

Why is flexibility important?

Joint laxity or being flexible, allows you to have a greater range of motion, thus improving your
technique, form, and overall performance in your training. The greater your range of motion,
the less chances you will have of spraining any joints. If a joint is unable to move properly, it is
exposed to increased risk of injury. Therefore, being flexible will not only benefit your training,
but also help keep you safe in your everyday activities.

How do I become more fle...

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Rest Days

Have you ever wondered why your body feels really tired during the later part of the week? Are you the type of person that tells themselves “No Days Off?” Are you working out 7 days a week? Well, that might not be the right thing to do for your body.

One of the most typical questions we get from first time athletes is, “How often should I train?” If you are considering CrossFit as your strength and conditioning program then you also may be wondering, “How often should I CrossFit?” prescribes 3 days “on” followed by 1 day “off.” But is this the right CrossFit frequency for everyone? Absolutely not. It varies with each athlete: age, diet, the amount of time th...

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  • May 27th is Big Bang's 3 Year Anniversary!!!! We'll be having a potluck that night so bring your favorite dish!!!

  • May 26-28 is the Crossfit Games Regionals in Del Mar. See the fittest in California go up against each other to try to make it to the Crossfit Games. Tickets are $30 per day.

  • June 3rd, we will be at Signature Crossfit, 7830 Rosemead Blvd, Pico Rivera for the Panda Brawl. We have 3 athletes competing (Rick, Eddie, and Coach Vic), so come out and support!!! Heat times will be announced soon.

  • June 17th, we will be at Crossfit Reality, 2445 N Palm Dr #105, Signal Hill for the Reality Games. So far we have 1 team competiting (Tony and Vic), so come out and support!!

  • August 26th if Femme Royale in Hungtington Beach. So far, we have pretty much most of the women at our box committed to this event. It's a partner event, so if you're interested, find you favorite training partner and go out and represent!

Egos... We hate them, so leave them at the door!!!!

All WOD’s are written for specific purposes. The weights and movements are meant to get a certain response from your body. Our purpose here at Big Bang CrossFit is to see you continuously make gains, with good technique. We also want to make sure you stay healthy so you CAN continue to workout and see progress.

Your ego has the potential to make your experience in CrossFit not as enjoyable as expected. Some people want the fastest time regardless of the intention of the WOD, so you scale the weight and your ego now stands in between you and increased strength which doesn’t benefit you much either. Checking that RX box is also worthless if you are finishing the ...

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The Crossfit Games Open 2017 is over… Now what?

Before we touch on this blog, all of the Coaches would like to send a message to all of the athletes who have competed in our 3rd Annual Crossfit Games Open Friday Night Lights Competition. We would like to congratulate all of the members who participated this year. It was impressive watching everyone test his or her limits. You all pushed harder than you thought possible. We all have weaknesses and its great to see everyone want to tackle them and improve their strengths. We have all entered the “dark place” during each of the workouts, but it was the community of the Big Bang Family and camaraderie that helped us get out of it. We all had “Proud Coach” mo...

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On March 08 every year, we celebrate women. Although once a year is not enough, we would like to pay homage to our CrossFit women at Big Bang and the CrossFit women all over the world. CrossFit women are changing the world. CrossFit women are redefining beauty and breaking stereotypes. CrossFit women search to attain the strongest and healthiest version of themselves possible. These women are leaders.

At Big Bang, we have our CrossFit mommies with newborns who still make it to the gym once they have recovered. You also see them working out all throughout pregnancy. You see the women competing and often beating men’s times. You see the young women from high school training hard to be their best at a chosen sport or just to feel stro...

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The 2017 Crossfit Games Open is finally here!!! This will also be the 3rd year of the Big Bang Crossfit Open!!! Starting this Friday, the box will be closed to regular classes as our Friday Night Lights will be going on.

First, let’s tell you a little bit about what the Open is all about. This Thursday starts the official beginning of the Crossfit season. What that means is, starting Thursday, our favorite person in the world, Mr. Dave Castro, will be announcing the workouts for the Open. Anybody and everybody is able to participate in the Open. It is a worldwide competition that leads all the way up to the Crossfit Games. The way the athletes for the games are chosen starts at the Open. The Open is separated by different age group...

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  • January 14 - Coach Vic and Nat will be competing at Mutiny Crossfit for their 2nd Olympic Weightlifting meet. Come out and support and if you're interested in competing, you can as well. It's $20 at the door.

  • January 21 - we'll be holding the 2017 Reality Check Nutrition Seminar with Miranda Oldroyd. Space is limited so please contact Coach Nando if you're interested.

  • The Facebook Burpee Challege has already started. Let's see who can last the longest.

  • If you aren't on our Facebook Community Page, please ask a coach and you will be invited into our own private Facebook page where you can post anything you want (hikes, outings, items you want to sell, trash talking.. etc)

Crossfit Games Open

What does that even mean? Well here is some information.

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  • January 14th - Mutiny Crossfit will be holding a non sanctioned olympic weightlifting meet. This is great for beginners and also for those looking for some platform time. So far, we have Coach Vic and Coach Nat doing this competition. Anyone else interested?

  • January 21st - we'll be holding the 2017 Reality Check Nutrition Seminar with Miranda Oldroyd. Space is limited so please contact Coach Nando if you're interested.

  • The Facebook Burpee Challege has already started. Let's see who can last the longest.

  • If you aren't on our Facebook Community Page, please ask a coach and you will be invited into our own private Facebook page where you can post anything you want (hikes, outings, items you want to sell, trash talking.. etc)

Box Etiquette

Happy New Year from us to you at Big Bang Crossfit! Whether you’re a seasoned member or a new member, here's a little article on box etiquette.

Certain fields require you to behave in a respectable manner. Whether you are new to BBCF, or a seasoned athlete, note these rules to our box.

1.Never say any form of “I can’t”Here, at Big Bang we strive to reach our goals. Whatever that may be (getting stronger, faster, getting better at gymnastics), we NEVER use these words… “I can’t." Logic dictates that if you have limitations, then you cannot be, do, or have something. But this flaw can come when we use this phrase as an excuse not to try something that may be possible. ...

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We just wanted to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Holidays!! We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you in your fitness journey. You all deserve the cheat meals!!!!

We would also like to thank everyone that donated to our Toy Drive!! We pretty much filled up all 3 boxes with awesome toys. You will have definitely made a child's Christmas that much better. The toys have been delivered to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. In January, we will be able to visit their toy room, so keep an eye out as we post information about that. We'd like to give a huge Thank You to Coach Nat for setting this whole thing up.

Again... have a safe holiday and don't eat too much!!

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  • Tomorrow, December 17th, is our annual Holiday Potluck Party! Bring your favorite dish and you better not show up in your gym clothes!!!!

  • Our Toy Drive is still going on. We thank your for the gifts so far, but let's try to fill those boxes!!! We'll be personally delivering the gifts to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, so the last day to donate a gift will be on December 22nd.

  • December Referral Program is still going on. Bring a friend that hasn't been to our box before, and if they sign up, you'll get a free month!

  • On January 21st, Miranda Oldroyd will be coming to our box to give us a 2017 Reality Check Nutrition Seminar. Spots are filling up so if you're interested, please see one of the coaches.

December Spotlight Athlete

This months, and the last Spotlight Athlete of 2016, is Bertha Navarette. Bertha started with us in one of our fundamental group classes. Since she's started, she's shown some huge progress. She's motivated and dedicated to reach her goals. She's a consistent member of the 7pm group class and she always has a great attitude, even when it comes to movements she doesn't like. Let's get to know Bertha a little more.

Bertha Naverette

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