Are you resting enough?

Rest Days

Have you ever wondered why your body feels really tired during the later part of the week? Are you the type of person that tells themselves “No Days Off?” Are you working out 7 days a week? Well, that might not be the right thing to do for your body.

One of the most typical questions we get from first time athletes is, “How often should I train?” If you are considering CrossFit as your strength and conditioning program then you also may be wondering, “How often should I CrossFit?” prescribes 3 days “on” followed by 1 day “off.” But is this the right CrossFit frequency for everyone? Absolutely not. It varies with each athlete: age, diet, the amount of time they have been doing Crossfit, and many other factors affect how often you need to take a rest day.

Lets take a step back and understand why rest days are just as important as working days. Rest days are your weekly days to focus on recovery. When you Crossfit, you break down muscle in an attempt to build it back up. However, if the rest period isn’t taken into place, the breakdown hinders the development. Continuous training can actually weaken the strongest athletes. Recovery days are the only way possible to restore muscle tissue breakdown to make you stronger. So let’s get it straight. It is okay to take one-two days off. It’s ok to only workout one day and rest the next. Listening to your body is crucial when doing Crossfit!

Now lets go back to what Crossfit.Com prescribes. Again, allows a 3 on 1 off program, which means 3 days of doing the workouts and 1 day of rest. If you are completely brand new to Crossfit, I wouldn’t suggest to start with the 3-1 program because, initially, most athletes will not be able to handle the intensity of the workouts. However, it is important to listen to what your body is telling you. Maybe start off with 1 day on 1 off: Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday classes… Three days a week until your body gets used to the training. Then as time goes on, go by the suggested programming of 3-1. Most of us like to train 5 out of the 7 days during the week. Typically days off would be on Thursday and Sunday so your muscles can have a recovery day during the week. It may benefit you more than resting 2 consecutive days.

So just remember, rest days are just as important as the days you workout. Don’t think you won’t gain anything out of resting. Do your body a favor and take those rest days, your body will thank you.



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