Are You Stretching???

By Noemi Caraveo

Have you ever felt that your lack of flexibility is hindering your performance? Do you feel
resistance in your shoulders or hips when performing an overhead squat? If so, you may want
to consider adding some stretches to your cash out.

Why is flexibility important?

Joint laxity or being flexible, allows you to have a greater range of motion, thus improving your
technique, form, and overall performance in your training. The greater your range of motion,
the less chances you will have of spraining any joints. If a joint is unable to move properly, it is
exposed to increased risk of injury. Therefore, being flexible will not only benefit your training,
but also help keep you safe in your everyday activities.

How do I become more flexible?

Working on strength without including stretching leads to a great reduction in flexibility.
Stretching is the best way to improve your flexibility. Improving your flexibility is not hard, it
just requires dedication and patience. Just like with strength training, it requires a long term
commitment. Ideally, you would want to stretch every day, at least once a day, if not multiple
times per day. For example, if you work in an office sitting down most of the day, it would be
helpful to get up and stretch every couple of hours. Like working out, it is much more beneficial
to stretch 10 minutes every day, than 60 minutes once a week. To see improvement, you must
be consistent. The more you stretch, the more flexible you will get.

Is there a best time to stretch?

Stretching immediately following a workout is one of the most ideal times to work on your
flexibility. After the WOD, your muscles are warm and fatigued. Typically, when stretching, your
muscle fibers want to contract, preventing you from stretching to your full potential. However,
since after the WOD your muscles are tired and in a relaxed state, your range of motion is
increased and the stretches will feel easier.
Flexibility is often the most neglected part of fitness. People commonly describe stretching as
“boring” or simply do not see its importance. If you want to become a better athlete, you must
begin valuing its benefits now. So after your next WOD, be sure to include stretches as part of
your cool down. Especially if you are feeling a bit sore, stretching can help alleviate the
stiffness. It will be a pain and pleasure sensation you will not regret. Enjoy and stretch away!



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