August Member Spotlight


  • *Box will be closed Saturday, August 20th for the Femme Royale Competition in Huntington Beach at Red Wolf Crossfit. Come out and support the 5 teams that will be competing there.

  • *Orders for the grips will be placed on Monday, August 22nd.

August Member Spotlight

This month, we'd like to spotlight one of our newer members. Nadia Quiroz has only been with us for a short time but she's shown us great progress. You'll always find her in the 4pm class with her father, Carlos. If you're nice to her, she might even share some of her awesome snacks with you! Let's get to know Nadia.

Nadia Quiroz


What is your occupation?

Student, CSUEB Student Housing & Residence Life - Resident Assistant

How long have you been doing Crossfit?

I started in June 2016.

What did you do before you joined Big Bang Crossfit?

In high school I played volleyball and basketball. When I started college I typically went to the

gym but never stuck to it. What I noticed and didn’t like about traditional gyms is that everyone

is segregated. The men are the ones lifting and the women are only doing cardio. Also, the

weird/awkward look you get from people if you were out of your “area” of the gym.

What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workout right now would be the 10-1 Deadlifts/1-10 Burpee Pull-Ups. This one

made me sweat a lot and I got bruises all over my knees the following day.


What is your favorite movement?

My favorite movement would be thrusters since I love the burning feeling in my quads!

Typically, any movement having to deal with squats such as squat cleans, wall balls, goblet

squats, etc. I love.

What is your least favorite movement?

Definitely burpees. I hate them and they hate me, that’s my relationship with them.

What is your diet like?

Ever since I started Crossfit I cut back on the bad, unhealthy stuff I would typically eat such as

fast food, chips, and sugar. I went from eating big portions and feeling bloated to eating smaller

portions and not feeling too heavy. I replaced bad carbs with good carbs such as brown rice

and vegetables. I still treat myself once in a while to ice cream or a chocolate bar. Something

my dad told me, which is also true to me, is that if you eat a heavy meal or a lot of sugar you

feel in your workout and it’s the worse feeling. For me, when this happens I realize I don’t do

well in the WODs and/or I don’t improve. This keeps me motivated to eat healthier.

What is your biggest milestone so far in your Crossfit journey?

My biggest milestone would be going to The Box and completing the WODs 6 days in a row

(Mon-Sat), especially completing the Saturday’s WOD which was dreadful. When I started

Crossfit I pictured myself only going about three times a week, at most four.

What keeps you motivated?

Both my family and my Big Bang family is what keeps me motivated. They push me to do my

best and they help out in any way they can because they genuinely care. They want to see you

improve and complete your goals. Other little motivations I have is seeing that my clothes are

fitting looser and I don’t feel so tired easily from doing little things such as walking or climbing

up a flight of stairs.


What advice would you give to new people coming into Crossfit?

Be patient with yourself and don’t give up no matter how hard it gets. Focus on yourself and

what you are doing. There will be a time where you look around and think,” Why can’t I lift that

much? Why don’t I have good form? Why can’t I do this? I don’t want to finish last or hold

anyone up”. Everyone at some point had the same mentality as you. You just need to be

patient and eventually you will get there. If it takes you a year to do one pull-up, hey that’s one

pull-up more than what you did before. Also, all the help you need is around you. Don’t be shy

to ask questions, everyone friendly and willing to help!


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