Box Etiquette


  • January 14th - Mutiny Crossfit will be holding a non sanctioned olympic weightlifting meet. This is great for beginners and also for those looking for some platform time. So far, we have Coach Vic and Coach Nat doing this competition. Anyone else interested?

  • January 21st - we'll be holding the 2017 Reality Check Nutrition Seminar with Miranda Oldroyd. Space is limited so please contact Coach Nando if you're interested.

  • The Facebook Burpee Challege has already started. Let's see who can last the longest.

  • If you aren't on our Facebook Community Page, please ask a coach and you will be invited into our own private Facebook page where you can post anything you want (hikes, outings, items you want to sell, trash talking.. etc)

Box Etiquette

Happy New Year from us to you at Big Bang Crossfit! Whether you’re a seasoned member or a new member, here's a little article on box etiquette.

Certain fields require you to behave in a respectable manner. Whether you are new to BBCF, or a seasoned athlete, note these rules to our box.

1.Never say any form of “I can’t”
Here, at Big Bang we strive to reach our goals. Whatever that may be (getting stronger, faster, getting better at gymnastics), we NEVER use these words… “I can’t." Logic dictates that if you have limitations, then you cannot be, do, or have something. But this flaw can come when we use this phrase as an excuse not to try something that may be possible. “I can’t” makes us believe that a movement/s is/are beyond our control because of our abilities. However, when we keep trying, you’ll be amazed at what your body can do!

2.Pay attention when the coach/intern is giving instructions
No matter how long you have been doing Crossfit, every little bit of information counts. So please, be respectful and do not have a side conversation when the coach or intern is speaking. You may know and understand how to do the movement in your sleep. However, those around you may not know how. Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a new way to do a workout or learn something that you’ve missed!

3.Introduce yourself to new members
All of our coaches and interns strive to show any newcomers that they are welcomed at Big Bang. Remember your first day doing Crossfit? For those of you who don’t remember, it’s always scary and intimidating for a new member to come in and try. We all know how bad Crossfit can get, but make sure that you and everyone around you is having a good time! We’re all here for the same reason, so let’s make it fun!

4.Respect your equipment
Equipment is, first and foremost, EXPENSIVE. Therefore, take care of the equipment you use. **Barbells and KB
- Do NOT drop an empty barbell or slam the KB to the ground.
- When stripping weight, don’t let the sides of the barbell slam to the ground.
- Do not drop the barbell from Overhead as much as you can. If you need to bail, bail safely. Your safety is more important than the barbell.

Seems simple, right? You took the time to take the stuff out. Now please, put them back to where they belong. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a Coach/Owner pick up after the class before them. Space and time is often a premium for a CrossFit class, and no one wants to waste it by cleaning up someone else’s things. Also, make sure you wipe all of your equipment down. There’s nothing more disgusting than using something that feels like it has been soaking in someones sweat/blood. Its just gross.

6.Try not to be late
Being late can interrupt the class… Even if you tiptoe in like a ninja. We know that sometimes it happens, but please try not to be late. By being late, you miss the warm up. And sometimes the warm up includes games and bonding time with our family! If you happen to be late, make sure you warm up with 30 burpees before joining the class.

7.Sign in/Check in/Enter Your Scores
Say it with me now. Sign in. Sign in. Sign in. This applies both to drop-ins and regular box attendees. If you are a member of a popular class, and you know that classes get pretty full, give your coach a heads up by signing up online. In addition, when you’re done with the WOD, ENTER YOUR SCORES!!! This will help you know what weight/time you did previously, and assist you when we do percentages for lifting.

8.Respect the athletes space
This is crucial! We want to make sure all athletes are safe, and also want to focus on each and every one of the athletes that are here at BBCF. If someone is preparing for a major lift, don’t walk behind them, in front of them, or anywhere close to them! This is for bailing purposes. The last thing a coach wants to see happen is an athlete fall back on someone’s equipment or hit another athlete with their barbell. Also try not to stand in the direct line of sight of someone lifting. Imagine yourself about to make that lift for a PR and you look up and someone is standing right in front of you and you make eye contact right before liftoff.... AWKWAAAARD, right? So stand to the side of their line of sight so they can stay focused on that lift.

Heaviest plates go on the inside!!!!! Refrain from stacking too many small plates, and use the bigger ones! Use less 10’s: although it looks awesome to have 8 plates on each side of the bar, it’s really defeating the purpose of a bumper plate. And you’re not fooling anyone… we know you’re not pressing 495lbs. No more stacking metal change plate on the outside. If its two 5’s make the jump to the 10lbs bumper plate.This breaks down the core of the plate which over time makes the plate wobbly and unsafe.

Need I say more? Those of you who are chalk monsters, just remember that its difficult to clean!! So if you decide to make things dirty at the box and drop the chalk bucket, you owe Nando 1 million burpees.


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