December: A time for giving


Friday December 2,2016

- Barbells for boobs workout

- If you would like to make a donation, please ask your Coaches for more information

December 17,2016

- Big Bang Annual Christmas Party! Come and enjoy and celebrate a night with your Big Bang family! We will be having a pot luck and will be playing secret santa and white elephant.

- If you would like to participate in secret santa or white elephant, please contact Natalie

January 21,2017

- Nutrition Seminar with Miranda Oldroyd and Julian

-If you are interested in this event, please Contact Nando

Along with all of the events coming up, we would like to announce that Big Bang Crossfit will be holding a Toy Donation for Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles (CHLA). Children's Hospital Los Angeles is a nonprofit institution that provides pediatric health care and helps our patients more than 528,000 times each year in a setting designed just for their needs. CHLA assists children and adults up until the age 21.

From now, until December 22,2016 we will be receiving donations. If anyone is interested, we will be sending off the gifts to CHOC LA, to their toy room. Here is some more information for what items they could receive and what the policies are for donating:

Our Wish Lists

Items We Need the Most

(We appreciate multiples of the same gift in quantities of 30 where possible.)

Generic coloring books –- no holiday reference
Soft baby dolls –- appropriate for children under three years old
Crayons –- all sizes, however we can only accept Crayola crayons or Playskool crayons
Interactive crib toys/musicals
Markers –- all sizes
Super hero action figures
White artist paper
Hello Kitty items
Bubbles (bottles with no attachments)
Craft and bead kits
Play-Doh (jars with no attachments)
Pop-up toys (cause and effect)
UNO cards
Bath & Body Works sets for older girls
Medical first aid kits
L.A. sports team sports swag
Baby rattles

We Also Love Gift Cards to the Following Places

Target in $20-50 increments
iTunes in $15-25 increments
McDonalds, Robeks, Jamba Juice, Subway, Carl’s Jr. in increments of $5
Movies such as Regal, Edwards, etc.


You can also purchase toys directly for our patients through these store registries:

Toys"R"Us (Under "Find a Wish List," search by Wish List #32886047)
Every week, we deliver toys as a form of diversion to patients who are admitted to our hospital, and we also provide gifts of toys to the thirty-five outpatient clinics to reinforce good behaviors like:

Following treatment plans
Adhering to specialized diets
Showing effort in rehabilitation or other types of therapy
Through the generosity of our community supporters, we give out approximately 80,000 toys per year. We distribute toys based on the schedule below:

One toy per week that a patient is in the hospital
One toy for a procedure or surgery
One toy for a birthday while in the hospital for care
Additional toys may be given if children cannot bring toys from home

Things We Cannot Accept

To prevent infection, we only accept new and unwrapped gifts for infants, children and adolescents. Once we receive your gift, we sort and sanitize the gifts to further prevent infection. Additionally, unwrapped gifts ensure that children and adolescents are given gifts that are appropriate to their age and developmental levels. Please refer to the list above for the hospital's needs.

Flowers, Edible Gifts and Holiday Treats
Due to our infection control policy, we cannot accept these items.

Presentations of Gifts and Donations
Presentations of gifts and donations may not be made directly to the patients.

Toy Donation Guidelines

We appreciate the generosity of donors like you who help us continue our tradition of providing toys to our patients at key points in their recovery. Below are the criteria that we ask that you follow when making your toy donations, to help us maintain patient safety and well-being.

To prevent infection, we only accept new toys, books and DVD's.
We cannot accept stuffed toys or toys with small pellets or beans.
Toys should be sturdy and free of any parts which may pinch.
Please avoid toys which can break easily and leave sharp edges (i.e. made of glass or brittle plastic).
We do NOT accept or distribute toys that are designed to promote aggressive behaviors (e.g. toy weapons of any kind, or violent video games or movies).
All craft materials must be non-toxic (e.g., markers, glue, paint).
Gift Cards: The New Toy Drive

1st Choice: Target
2nd Choice: Walmart
3rd Choice: iTunes
We accept gift cards from online retailers like Amazon, too.

We are extremely grateful for the toy drives that our community members hold to supply us with toys and small gifts for our patients to assist them with their recovery. Because space in our hospital to store all of these lovely toys and gifts is now at a premium, you can really help us by holding a “Gift Card Drive” for our patients, instead of a traditional toy drive.

Gift cards allow us to maximize your gift to our patients because they provide our staff with the flexibility to make “on-demand” toy purchases as they are needed by our patients. If a particular patient would benefit less from a toy and more from an educational game or book, we might be able to distribute a gift card to that patient as a gift from you to them during their recovery.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Natalie (714)488-7168.


14841 Proctor Ave. A,

City of Industry, CA 91746

Phone. 626.600.9110