Hook Grip


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Hook Grip

Has a barbell ever gotten out of your grasp? Have your forearms ever given out during a WOD? Are you having trouble with your first/second pull during an olympic lift? If any of these are yes, we have an answer that may be of help for you. Use hook grip.

The hook grip is a unique technique of holding a barbell, and is able to give you the best grip possible.

Hook grip is simple. Most people only use the thumb, index, and middle finger to hook grip. To hook grip, place the webbing in between your thumb and index finger into the bar, wrap your thumb around the bar, and wrap as many fingers around your thumb as you can. And wallah!
You have just hook gripped the barbell. Easy, right? If that confused anyone, here's a picture example of how to hook grip.



We use hook grip for any type of barbell pull. For Crossfit, you can use hook grip when doing deadlifts, snatches, and cleans. As the weight gets heavier, the bar gets harder to hold. The hook grip will prevent loss of grip and will help control the barbell as we accelerate into our 2nd pull (above the knee) and get under the bar.

Rule of “thumb”

"The grip will always be-and there is no debate about this either, by the way- when you’re snatching and when you’re cleaning, the grip will always be a hook grip,” Burgener says. “When the weight is over my head or if I’m pressing, I do NOT have to use a hook grip.”- Mike Burgener


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