Leave Your Ego at the Door


  • May 27th is Big Bang's 3 Year Anniversary!!!! We'll be having a potluck that night so bring your favorite dish!!!

  • May 26-28 is the Crossfit Games Regionals in Del Mar. See the fittest in California go up against each other to try to make it to the Crossfit Games. Tickets are $30 per day.

  • June 3rd, we will be at Signature Crossfit, 7830 Rosemead Blvd, Pico Rivera for the Panda Brawl. We have 3 athletes competing (Rick, Eddie, and Coach Vic), so come out and support!!! Heat times will be announced soon.

  • June 17th, we will be at Crossfit Reality, 2445 N Palm Dr #105, Signal Hill for the Reality Games. So far we have 1 team competiting (Tony and Vic), so come out and support!!

  • August 26th if Femme Royale in Hungtington Beach. So far, we have pretty much most of the women at our box committed to this event. It's a partner event, so if you're interested, find you favorite training partner and go out and represent!

Egos... We hate them, so leave them at the door!!!!

All WOD’s are written for specific purposes. The weights and movements are meant to get a certain response from your body. Our purpose here at Big Bang CrossFit is to see you continuously make gains, with good technique. We also want to make sure you stay healthy so you CAN continue to workout and see progress.

Your ego has the potential to make your experience in CrossFit not as enjoyable as expected. Some people want the fastest time regardless of the intention of the WOD, so you scale the weight and your ego now stands in between you and increased strength which doesn’t benefit you much either. Checking that RX box is also worthless if you are finishing the WOD way over the allotted time, even though you did the WOD as prescribed your time was slower than the person doing it scaled. Your ego robbed you of the purpose of the workout.

Putting 'RX' next to your name means nothing if your form isn’t functional and efficient. You are putting yourself at risk to get injured. So don’t take it personal if we strip weight or modify movements before or mid WOD, don’t let your ego get the best of you. Our job here is to help you hit your goals and be the best you can be, so help us by not letting your ego get in the way. Picking the right scale weight to move efficiently and fast is far more effective than checking the Rx box and moving inefficiently or slow. Your safety is our biggest concern.


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