Take Care of Your Hands


  • *Box will be closed Saturday, August 20th for the Femme Royale Competition in Huntington Beach at Red Wolf Crossfit. Come out and support the 5 teams that will be competing there.

No More Rips!

This weeks workouts were full of grip intensive movements. Make sure you take care of your hands so they don't rip as often as they should whenever you get on the pull up rig!! Shave those callouses down!! The thicker those callouses, the easier they will rip and ruin your week of workouts. One of they best ways to shave them down is buy using a corn/callous shaver that you can get on Amazon or your favorite store.


Keep those hands moisturized so they don't crack! A lot of people will congratulate you and welcome you to the Crossfit Club when you first rip, but it really does suck when you rip and it's not a lot of fun to take care of. We all know how bad it stings when you wash your hands or even shower, so take care of your hands.

Group Buy

Another way to prevent rips is getting good gymnastics grips. We are going to start a group buy for the box if anyone is interested.


They come in black, pink, and blue. We're looking at $10-15 depending on how many we get and tax. To know what size you are, measure from the base of your palm to the base of your longest finger.

Med - 3"-3.5"

Large - 3.5" - 4"

XL - 4" and up

Ask your coaches for more info or to see what they look like and how they feel.




Ring Muscle Ups

Snatches 135/95


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