The 2017 Crossfit Games Open is done!

The Crossfit Games Open 2017 is over… Now what?

Before we touch on this blog, all of the Coaches would like to send a message to all of the athletes who have competed in our 3rd Annual Crossfit Games Open Friday Night Lights Competition. We would like to congratulate all of the members who participated this year. It was impressive watching everyone test his or her limits. You all pushed harder than you thought possible. We all have weaknesses and its great to see everyone want to tackle them and improve their strengths. We have all entered the “dark place” during each of the workouts, but it was the community of the Big Bang Family and camaraderie that helped us get out of it. We all had “Proud Coach” moments during this Open, whether it was signing up for the competition, getting your first bar muscle up, PR-ING your snatch, or even finishing this Open RX-ing all of the workouts… You have all made us proud! We would like to give our thanks to everyone for making this a successful open, and we hope to see all of you signed up again next year!

There’s no question that for the past five weeks, the CrossFit community has placed its focus on the Open. For most of the athletes in this sport, the Open serves as our Games, so we treat each workout with a renewed mentality and work ethic, giving it our all. Now that it’s over, you may feel a huge sense of relief, but return to our regular scheduled programming with one question… The Crossfit Games Open is now over… Now what? Some of us found out that we need gymnastics, others just need to get stronger or more flexible. That is the point of the open for the majority of athletes, expose their weeknesses and attack them. This should be what determines your training goals for the following year. Though this Open has come to an end, its time to dial in on how you’ve done and what to focus on this next year to get even BETTER for the 2018 Crossfit Games Open. Here are some simple tips to a successful training year to get ready for next years Open:

1. Establishing weaknesses Start with taking an honest look at your performance over the last few weeks. How do you think you did? What do you think your weaknesses are? Do you need a better engine? Do you want to improve your gymnastics or Olympic weightlifting? What was your limiting factor to RX the workout, or what do you think you could have done better? Write down what you think you need to work on.

2. Game Plan Now that you have determined your goals, ask a coach/intern for help! We’re there to help you with any existing or future goals that you may have, and we’re willing to work with you to achieve them.

3. Train Hard! The only way to improve is for you to WORK! Work on your weaknesses. Use your time in the gym wisely. That may mean practicing those wallballs, double unders, or handstand push ups on the side while everyone else is chatting about their day. Your outcome will only be as good as the work you put into it!

Now is the time to turn your attention towards all those issues that caused you so much grief over the last five weeks, and begin your journey to the next level to get ready for next year!



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