The Open is Here!!!!

The 2017 Crossfit Games Open is finally here!!! This will also be the 3rd year of the Big Bang Crossfit Open!!! Starting this Friday, the box will be closed to regular classes as our Friday Night Lights will be going on.

First, let’s tell you a little bit about what the Open is all about. This Thursday starts the official beginning of the Crossfit season. What that means is, starting Thursday, our favorite person in the world, Mr. Dave Castro, will be announcing the workouts for the Open. Anybody and everybody is able to participate in the Open. It is a worldwide competition that leads all the way up to the Crossfit Games. The way the athletes for the games are chosen starts at the Open. The Open is separated by different age groups and regions. The top 20 athletes in each region will advance to the Crossfit Games Regionals. The Regionals is a 3 day event where the top 5 individual male and female athletes and top 5 teams advance to the Crossfit Games. The Crossfit Games is where the fittest on Earth is crowned.

So, back to the Open. Again, every Thursday, there will be announcement on what the workout will be. You have from Thursday until Monday, at 5pm, to enter in your scores to From there, you can see where you rank among your friends and everyone else in the world. Your scores will remain in the database so you can always go back to see what you got in the prior years of the open.

Here at Big Bang Crossfit, we know how nerve racking the Open can be, so we’ve created a Friday Night Lights event where you can compete with your fellow members. We’ve split the members, that have signed up, to 4 different teams with all of our coaches. For the next 5 Fridays, the box will start the Open competition at 4pm and ending when the last person has finished their workout. Athletes can come in anytime after 4pm. This will not be like a regular class. There will be a sign in sheet where you will sign up for a certain heat. Come in and warm up on your own. When it’s time for your heat, be warmed up and ready to go. Unlike your daily workouts, you will be judged on standards. A judge will be assigned to you to make sure you’re hitting the standards and counting your reps. These workouts will not be easy. They will definitely bring the best out of you guys, so be ready to push your hardest. There will be a lot of trash talking going on between the teams, but at the end of the day, we’re all in it together. The best thing about the open is that it pushes you to do things you never thought you’d be able to do. So, be ready for Friday and let’s have some fun and kill these workouts!!!

How to Compete in the Open


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