Owner/Head Coach

Growing up, sports were always in Fernando's life. Baseball, football and basketball were in his yearly routine. After trying out the madness that is the global gym and having to fight for a spot on the machines and free weights, he vouched never to go back once his contract was over.

After completing P90X, Insanity and various other home videos, he decided to try the crazy CrossFit everyone was talking about. Always being athletic and competitive, he instantly fell in love with the sport. So much that he instantly started thinking of ways to do this for a living. After graduating from USC in Electrical Engineering and working in the defense industry for 10 years, he decided to take the plunge and chase his dream. His vision was to create a CrossFit community that shares the love in becoming healthy and helping each other. He wanted to create a family.

He earned his CrossFit L1 certificate and USAW Sports Performance certificate which emphasizes on Olympic Weightlifting. His passion for health and fitness is contagious the moment you enter Big Bang CrossFit. He truly cares about the members and helping each one of them achieve their goals.

In May 2014, Fernando opened Big Bang CrossFit in the City of Industry with minimal equipment and no members lined up. His passion and thrive to grow the business is apparent the moment you enter the box. He's constantly improving the gym and adding new equipment to better our athletes. He's proud of the coaching staff he's put together since they share the same passion. The coaches are top grade athletes and coaches whom truly care. Read our yelp reviews to verify.

Fernando will continue changing lives. The impact on the community and direct feedback is far too rewarding. Being able to say that you helped someone get off high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and other medications while getting them in the best shape of their lives is what he lives for.

*Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

*USAW Level 1 Sports Performance




Before Crossfit, Vic was always into sports whether it was competitive or recreational. Basketball and snowboarding was his main love, and he also dabbled in rock climbing and mountain biking. It was very difficult for him to find any motivation when he was at the global gym.

A friend of his told him about Crossfit about a couple years before he actually started Crossfit. Just like everyone else when they first see what Crossfit is, he was very intimidated by it. Finally in August of 2011, he went in and tried his first workout. The workout movements were deadlifts and front squats. He'll clearly remembers that he was sore for the rest of the week, and never felt that way ever. Right away, he knew he had to go back. The following week he signed up and hasn’t looked back.

He started learning as much as he could, and also fell in love with Olympic Weightlifting. He’s competed in multiple Crossfit events as well as a couple of Olympic Weightlifting meets as well.

After about 2 years of Crossfit and learning from his coaches, he decided to take his L1 and started to coach. That’s when he finally realized what he loved to do. To this day, he’s still a student of the sport and has plans to attend more certification courses in the future. Vic came to Big Bang Crossfit in 2014, and has loved coaching and training there ever since.


*Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

*Crossfit Scaling Course

*Freestyle Connection Gymnastics




Javier has always been an active person and like most of us after high school, it was a challenge to stay active in sports. Like most people Javier joined a globo gym, and between high school and his late 30’s, he obtained 5 different memberships. Javier then tried woking out at home with other popular workout programs, but it ended up not being for him. Javier believes globo gyms, home fitness systems, and other fitness regimens are great. However, he found it hard to stay motivated and consistent until he found Crossfit.

On his way to work, Javier would pass by a building that had Crossfit painted on it. To him, it looked like a giant warehouse, but after a couple of months, he decided to check out what all the fuss was about. During his lunch hour, he drove up and asked the owner those famous words, “What do you guys do here?” He was in shock seeing the display of barbells, bumper plates, and giant rig. The owner at the time said, “Come back tomorrow, and I’ll show you." Not knowing what he was getting himself into, Javier came back the next day to do his first workout. He loved it. He loved being an athlete so much and was inspired by the coaches that he, himself, obtained his L1 certification in November of 2013.

Javier enjoys Crossfit and what it promotes: Mental, Physical, Physiological strength, and also community. Promoting health through fitness and nutrition is what he does and what he loves.

*Crossfit Level 1 Trainer




Oscar has always been into sports. Throughout his childhood and until his high school year, his favorite sport was football. After high school, he enjoyed playing just about any recreational sport you can think of. Though he played various sports, Oscar could not maintain a healthy lifestyle. He eventually joined a global gym, changed his eating habits, and was able to lose weight. He liked the results, but wanted more out of his workouts. The repetitive movements and regimen made it hard for him to stay consistent.

From time to time, Oscar would always hear his brother mention CrossFit. Oscar started to see big improvements and physical changes, which made him curious about CrossFit. His curiosity lead him to his first workout that nearly killed him (figuratively speaking)... But he ended up loving it. For Oscar, CrossFit is a love hate relationship.

It's been a little over three years since he's gave CrossFit a try, and he hasn't looked back since! He loves how Crossfit promotes physical and mental strength, and also loves that it carries over the importance of nutrition.

He has always enjoyed helping people out and therefore decided to get his CrossFit level 1 certification. He is looking to take more courses in the future to help himself and the members of Big Bang to achieve their goals.

*Crossfit Level 1 Trainer




Natalie has always been athletic all her life. At a young age, she enjoyed playing any kind of sport, but she excelled in basketball and volleyball during Jr. High and High School years. Her passion for being athletic grew as she went to California State University Fullerton, where she could be found playing late night volleyball at the gym, running, or taking multiple kinesiology classes that made her move.

Though she loved being a sporty woman, she found that she needed more of a challenge for her workouts. Her friend had made an attempt to push her to try Crossfit. It was then, that Saturday morning at an 11am session, where she tried her first day of Crossfit. It was her lucky day. The session was an in box competition. As Natalie looked around her, she saw members of all different ages, shapes, and sizes. The only thing that was on her mind was, "just don't die." By the end of the three workouts, she felt challenged by all of the men and women who had beaten her. She also felt inspired by everyone around her who kept pushing her to finish all of the workouts. It was then, where Natalie found a new love of training.

Natalie's passion continues to grow as an athlete and coach. She hopes to assist any of the members to achieve their goals, challenge members to go above and beyond, and inspire them to always be a better athlete.

*Crossfit Level 1 Trainer




Sandra was like a lot of people who lived an active lifestyle as a child. She was a swimmer, played soccer, and played softball until sophomore year of High School. Sandra’s life then took a turn, when she became pregnant. While being pregnant, she gained 35 pounds.

It was not until post pregnancy, that she decided to take charge of her health and well -being. After her pregnancy, she made it her motto to, “live a healthy, active, and balanced life.” In following her diet and adding exercise to her daily routine, Sandra lost the desired weight. However, doing her daily regimen wasn’t enough.

Crossfit was introduced to her about 2 1/2 years ago by a wonderful friend, who used to run an outside fit club in Orange County. Crossfit took her interest in fitness to a whole different level. Sandra likes a challenge in all aspects of her life, and Crossfit was definitely one for her. From the first Crossfit class she took, she was hooked! Not only did she fall in love with the challenge, but with the community and how close they all were. Until this day, she strives to always be better than yesterday, and she believes highly that she is her own competition.

Sandra was so inspired with how Crossfit was changing her daily life, that she made a decision to get the Crossfit L1 certification to gain more knowledge and to help others achieve their goals. With passion, love, and perseverance you can achieve anything in life.

*Crossfit Level 1 Trainer


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